Medgar Evers College Pipeline


What is the Pipeline?

The Medgar Evers College Pipeline is an intentionally designed system by which students from Central Brooklyn are guided through a strong K-12 experience, transitioned into college, and then provided high-quality opportunities to on-board into the professional world.

The MEC Pipeline rests upon the theory that supporting schools through the Pipeline's Whole Child, Whole Community model will increase the capacity of not just the students, but also families and the community as a whole.

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Whole Child, Whole Community Model

The MEC Pipeline is a reciprocal model that perpetually and continualy improves the schools and the community.

  • Support and Invogorate Students, Families, Principals and Teachers
  • School enable to ignite, propel and sustain support for student talents
  • Successful college-educated graduates
  • Skilled workforce and civic base
  • Thriving Economy and Culture
  • Creating able People - Strong Communities, Supportive Families and Quality Schools


How Does it Work?


College Readiness

Uses the resources of a local college to improve the K-12 experiences of students using the Four Corners of K-12 Success model.


College Completion

Ensures students, have the individual attention, guidance and support necessary to undertake deeper levels of academic work.


Career Transitions

Works to bring students the social capital that is required in the 21st century to on-board into the professional world.

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How to Become a MEC Pipeline School

Becoming a MEC Pipeline flagship or affiliate school is easy. Complete the form below and you will be contacted by one of our staff members that will connect you with our team and get you on the invite list to upcoming events and information sessions.

If you are a student, parent or teacher, ask your principals to consider joining The Pipeline by directing them to

Meet Members of The MEC Pipeline Team

Dr. Rudulph Crew
Medgar Evers College

Dr. Evelyn Castro
VP Student Affairs
Medgar Evers College

Dr. Michael Seelig
Executive Director
Pipeline, Medgar Evers College

Esther Portalatin, MS-ED
Assistant Director
Medgar Evers College

Nikisha Abrahams
Pipeline, Medgar Evers College

Dr. Stanley Mims
Pipeline Schools Liason
Medgar Evers College

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